Why we do what we do

Before we started out with building boards we were going hard. Skating a lot, and breaking our first commercial boards. The second boards we bought were a bit more expensive, since it needed to withstand a generous amount of whooping. But we all wrecked all the boards within weeks. This dissatisfaction with price and quality led to the idea of Timber Boards. Also, the boards on the market didn’t quite ‘fit’, concave-wise and flow-wise to satisfy our skating style and what we believed longboarding could evolve into. Now, a good 7 years later, we are pretty confident we figured it out.

“Durability through longevity” is what we strive for year after year here at Timber HQ. What does that mean for our boards? Well.. they last long and stay strong for longer. For longboarding, an ever growing and evolving sport, skating hard can be an expensive hobby. With a good strong board your skills will develop more consistently.

Our boards are heavily skated before every release and relentless testing of different materials and lay-ups makes every board as unique as the next. Every curve is made so that wearing is minimal but the shape is as functional as possible nonetheless.

Now this looks like the first sale pitch already, and maybe it is. But what we hope it says is that we take quality seriously. When you want to practice your hobby/passion you want the good stuff. We provide the good stuff.
We want the sport to grow, and we think handing a low-quality board with crappy gear to a passionate kid is like giving crappy shoes to someone who wants to do a marathon. You can probably still run, but after a while you curse the gods for the pain and suffering. So buy Timber Boards.

Spread the stoke, advance the sport. Challenge yourself and your gear. Skate Timber. It’s a skate of mind.