Planka is an upcoming organic&fairtrade clothing brand from the Netherlands. The name of the brand is derived from passion for longboarding. “Does this mean we only bring out clothing that is relatable to other longboarders? No: We release small batches of clothing with graphic designs related to a healthy environment for animals, nature and people (yes, there might be a small reference to boardsports in our designs from time to time).”

Planka consists of a small team, working to provide quality, sustainable clothing for everyone. To ensure this: Planka seeks to work with suppliers that are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, alongside with being GOTS-certified. So don’t panic, we made sure it’s organic!

Using organic cotton also contributes to the overall quality of the product. Organic cotton is known to be softer and more comfortable than regular cotton. Why? Because the cultivation process of organic cotton is absent of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and other toxic substances. Simply put: less harmful substances used amounts to better quality cotton. As a result, the natural fibers are remarkably skin-friendly.

We at Planka hope to build a customer base that consists of people who share our passion for fashion and are in the mood to do good. Do you recognize yourself in this? If you do, there is only one thing left to do….

Dare to wear fair! @plankaclothing