🥇✈️ @alandeilon – Pro Open
🥇✈️ @katevoynova – Pro Women
🥇 @longboard_luna_won – Intermediate women
🥇 @longboard_eojin – Intermediate women
🥇 @pepper_poivre – Intermediate Open


THE ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIPS were initiated when, due to COVID restrictions, there could be no live event. Many have asked us to keep this online part going because they can not afford to travel to Eindhoven. So this is why we keep organising these ‘Online Championship’, so everyone can show their skills and we can gather funds to make it possible for the most talented riders to go to Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 2024. Of course we underline the complete difference with competing live. No retakes and the pressure of all eyes on the rider, that is what makes or brakes the path to be World Champion. So this is why we call it the ‘Online Championship’.


At the end of 2023 we aim to announce 2 winners

‘Winner Online Championship PRO WOMEN’

‘Winner Online Championship PRO OPEN’

*Why not 2 podiums with 3 winners like before? Because all the effort to get prizes shipped resulted in 70% of medals and prizes being lost in the mail. The aim is to give the best riders the chance to compete in Eindhoven and with this online championship we support this cause.

What to win in the PRO categories: TRAVEL TO EINDHOVEN! 

    • Each rider can pick one of their (or a new?) sponsors which will have a FREE sponsorship deal for SO.. 2024 in Eindhoven. But only if this sponsor puts this fee towards the travel expenses for the winning rider.

    • We divide the income of registration fees (€ 15 per rider) for the PRO competition (minus the platform costs) to cover remaining travel expenses for these riders.
    • SkatePro adds € 500 

Of course we will also organise an Intermediate Competition, to pick the most promising rider!