Create YOUR competition

We offer you an all in one competition management platform for any size of Longboard Dance & Freestyle competition you like to organise! (If you like) Independent of SO.., this is YOUR event and we can not acces your data.

Go to Liveheats and create your event, the first one is free and the rest is for very little fee.

This is how it looks like to create, also the whole registration is handled as well as the seeding and scheduling of the competitions (which rider when, which goes to the next round etc)


Since the beginning of SO.. we have been aiming to organise ‘In search of the Best <insert continent> Rider’ to make it possible for riders all over the world to compete in the World Championships in Eindhoven. Like we did in Shanghai.

When we had to postpone the event in 2020 we set up a plan ‘The Future’ which changed the plan for continent wide competitions to national competitions. To make the existence of the events less vulnerable to worldwide happenings and to support, inspire and grow the local scenes. But with the main goal is to use what we know, learned and created to help every organiser of longboard competitions small and big to make it easier to organize. And most of all make more events happen everywhere in the world.

SO..  in 2020 we have started to ‘blue print’ SO.. in tasks lists, event scripts but also registration forms, a thorough and transferable judging systems etc.

This information is ‘open source’ available on your request. In parts which are ‘privacy sensitive’ like rider data we have asked a third party to be in charge of this. We have made it possible that Live Heats from Australia made a platform to organise and judge longboard competitions. We have implemented a judging system, tested and changed it again and now have an easy to understand, judge and transfer way of judging, which can be used by everyone. This was already the case in 2021 but because we wanted to make some changes we did not announce this big. Now as Live Heats is changing our new Judging 2.0 into the system we can announce it to all of you!

SO.. you can go to Live Heats to organise your longboard event (first for free and the next ones for very little fee). Riders can register, the judging system is available  and you can run your competition! And you can write us to get a blue print of sources to organise your event.

Your event does not have to be a SO.. event. You can do this in depended without even mentioning us. You can however ask us to help, cooperate and connect SO.. to your event. We would love if we can help events with inspired organizers and initiators to become the most amazing the can be! Let’s do this!