‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ (‘SO..’ in short) is the annually organised World Championships Longboard dance & freestyle. The first edition took place in 2013 and from 2020 there is also a yearly online competition. SO.. is organised by the Flow Provider foundation.

Since 2002 Flow Provider inspires people to find their passion within and through action sports (before 2012 also through street culture) by writing policy for governmental organisations, implementing projects, consult brands and organize events.

Our goal is inspire people worldwide to find their ‘way of life and passion within longboarding’

To induce positive emotions and resilience, and facilitate the development of skills and physical capacities that support flourishing in everyday life and within the the sense of belonging to a community. To overcome boundaries between people, to inspire to enhance their life in a way that goes beyond longboarding.

This goes hand in hand with building a solid professional foundation to keep on developing this sport to the next level. For the sport to reach the highest level there has to be a full circle cycle.

People get inspired by getting in touch with longboarding, through lessons, events, media. They are inspired by the professional riders. These professional riders need to be able to focus on their sport to perform to the highest level. They can focus when they can earn a living by for example teach, provider content in media and compete. To perform at the highest possible level and make the level of the sport as a whole increase, they need to be able to focus on their sport professionally. For some to become a professional and reach the highest level possible for them. For the professionals to make this into a profession, to inspire and teach others to reach full circle and inspire a new generation of riders.

Primary we achieve this by organising competitions and secondary by creating other projects to make this happen like a network of longboard teachers and supporting local organisations who strive for the same goal.

So.. where is the development we will focus on in the next years to come?

‘SO..’ is the World Championship of longboarding in flatland disciplines. This will remain the same and the event is going to be optimised where possible and needed. Normally a world championship within other sports contains more competitions worldwide, a tour. Within longboarding the financial revenue for riders at this moment is not big enough yet to travel around the world to compete. Riders around the world should have an equal possibility to attend the world championships in Eindhoven The Netherlands. Therefore we aim to support local organisers to organise National Championships in the future, mainly by providing an easy to implement and low cost blueprint and give them exposure through our channels. Preferably within events already organised by these organisers in each country. The best scenario is that winners from these national championships can win coverage of their travel costs to attend the event in Eindhoven. In 2023 we managed to offer the two winners of the Online Competition their flights to compete in Eindhoven.

An important anchor point is to create a network of teachers to make them visible and to be found by people who want to get into this sport and to inspire a new ‘generation’ of longboarders.

We will work together with key organisations, riders and brands to add our value where it’s needed.