The night before

Hello dear family,

In the car driving to Eindhoven I was thinking about the start of this event, just skate together.. and that it’s in some way still the same.. it’s like coming home <3 Spend so many years at Strijp-S and the Klokgebouw is like a home for our ever growing family. Where we meet again, where we share, where we have fun and make and realise dreams. But the funny thing is that in the beginning I knew all and now I don’t ? There was a time we posted on forums “I saw a guy in red sweater on a longboard, there at that time, who is this?” Funny in a way, I can type this sitting here at a terrace, longboarders around and nobody knows it’s me who is typing this :). I could go skate with everyone and have fun but there is some preparing to do, so I keep a bit in silence before the storm.

The last days Guleed and me were teaching longboarding to around 175 kids, some I was teaching for the second time, they also had a lesson last year. And it’s so nice that some were inspired last year in a way to get their own board, continued and now were doing pretty well. That’s what it’s all about. I was annoyed with a difference in some boys and girls, boys doing their thing and taking on the challenge and some girls whining and taking every chance to stand still and talk. I basically said there was a difference in perseverance and that this has to change to get girls on top of this ‘game’. But Guleed, positive as he is, reminded me there were also some pretty stoked girls, and he is right. I just wanted to say to those girls, GO! get off your ass and put aside you make up and being populair worries and skate! It will bring you so much more. I wish I knew what board sports could bring to my life when I was their age.. but well.. guess a lot of girls now already are doing a pretty awesome ‘job’ out there. And if you read this, I’m sure you’ll be a person that will inspire others and make the longboard future bright! Inspire others.. toss the stone.. cause the ripple.. you know..

About the future, who knows what is possible? Everyone is progressing so fast, imagine in 5 years, the level no-one even can imagine now. I’m happy that we have found a way for people from all over the world to show and share their skills! You all deserve this so much!

After months of preparation all is coming together and it feels so damn good! In the car I felt like playing ‘Driving home for christmas’, that’s how it feels like, excited and scared, happy and nervous but most of all overwhelmed by all the people who put in so much to make this happen. Jan of the Klokgebouw who is literally opening his ‘house’ to you people because you all are so nice, Jelle of Crownboards who kept amazing me with pictures of awesome creations he kept on making for the event, Thomas, Maarten, Simon, Wolf, Guleed, Andrei and Sam who took so much time debating, thinking, talking and making it a competition that will mark the future. All the countless people, sponsors, board builders, shops and brands who offer more than ever imaginable, gear, soundsystems, longboard lessons, a whole area (please check the sponsor area on this site, there are so many amazing people!!) And all supportive, all with sweet messages, all in (you know who you are bro’s)! The DJ’s who are like SYCLD musical furniture, Sjors and Erik, and now supported by Bas. All the volunteers that applied and offered to help! And my dear friend Valentijn who today just said ‘ don’t worry if you collapse I’ll take over’. And don’t forget my friends and family who help and support where they can and all the friends and families that support all of you. All this means more than I can say! And last but not least, ALL OF YOU! Without you there will be an empty Klokgebouw, without you no SYCLD! THANK YOU ALL for coming, from all corners off the world, let’s make this another SYCLD we’ll forever remember with a big smile and we are proud to be a part of!! <3

Lots of love and see you tomorrow!!