The experience of the world champion!

This was my first time in Netherlands, and my very first time in Europe. Europe has a very different scene from Asia, including the culture, food and social convention. I liked Amsterdam a lot, it’s the city of freedom after all.

The first time I heard of SYCLD was couple years ago. When I checked out the videos from 1st year of SYCLD, even though there weren’t many participants, but everyone had a strong personality and style, I could feel how great the atmosphere was through videos. The seed of eagerly wanting to be part of it was planted at that time. It wasn’t until this year when I could finally clear up my schedule and make it happen.

What touched me the most during SYCLD was the climax, it gathered people who are passionate about dancing all around the world. I met my favorite dancers and made a lot of new friends. The support and encouragement from each other were simply saying, “We are all Dancers, we are one big family.”

There was a small incident happened that was the most memorable. When I first saw “Team Battle”, I registered because I thought it would be fun. “China Football” was the name of the team I registered. When Team Battle came, there were only me and my friend on my team, which was a lot less compared to other teams, but we joined anyways since it seemed really fun. There were several people joined my team after knowing there were only 2 people on China Football, at that moment, I realized there’s no boundary for our love towards longboarding, or I could put it this way, there’s no boundary for “Love.”

I was very happy to win the first place. It meant people liked my dancing. I give me thanks to all the judges and all my friends who supported me. However, being able to see the love for longboarding from all the dancers around the world and see how creative all the dancers were will always be my biggest gain.

I’ll be back next year, hope to see you all.