Hello hashtag #SYCLD

As you guys get ready for the contest tomorrow and make your way out to Eindhoven, we’d like to present to you our official hashtag for this year’s “So… you can longboard dance?” Hello hashtag, hello #SYCLD

– So while you are at the pre-skate event tonight or at the contest tomorrow, please use this hashtag when posting your snapshots and videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or any other of your favorite social media channels to spread the stoke.

SYCLD 2015
#SYCLD – Hashtag

Why use hashtags? By tagging your (public) posts with #SYCLD, you can easily share your impressions with the global longboard community and show everyone out there how incredible this whole weekend is going to be. That way the fellas who unfortunately aren’t able to make it, will also feel included, and we are sure that they will greatly appreciate your efforts.

For those of you who love precision, you are more than welcome to add additional secondary hashtags like for example #preskate#contest#besttrick (you get the pattern, don’t you? ? ), etc.,  to your posts marked #SYCLD.


Katharina – Your reporter for the #SYCLD weekend

So, this is it, my first official blog post for SYCLD. After Bianca so kindly handed the SYCLD blog over to me the other day, I’m absolutely stoked to get started as your reporter. I’ll give my all to keep you updated throughout the course of this weekend, and can’t wait to meet as many of you lovely people as possible.

I'm your reporter for the weekend.
Hey there, I’m your reporter for the weekend.

Who am I? My name is Katharina Leuck, I hail from Osnabrück, Germany, and live blogging has been a passion of mine for many years now. I’m going to be the one frantically running/skating around with all sorts of technical equipment, snapping pictures and collecting shout-outs from you guys ? Getting ready to leave soon for Eindhoven. I’m looking forward to meeting you guys tonight!


By the way, Bianca compiled a playlist on Youtube with a bunch of videos from the past #SYCLD events. Something to get you in the mood ? I highly recommend checking it out!