Connecting … that is SYCLD!

A Saturday night in the life of…the luckiest girl in the world…

Only two weeks to go.. and it’s Saturday night.. and I’m in a bar (of a friend, Bossa Bar, very nice!). Nothing strange but well I’m here to work at our beloved SYCLD. I live in Tarifa, most southern point and the windiest place of Europe (yeejj kitesurfing!) but because it’s already around 8+ Bft wind for a few days my Wifi at home is on a strike. So I moved my office here, like I do regularly, having a drink and finishing a few little details for the event (to be honest I always am so extremely afraid I forget a BIG MAYOR thing that would cause total chaos, but so far so good) . One thing I’m a bit sad about.. again the live stream fell through. It was supposed to be taken care of by a school but there were no students available and at the time I heard this it was too late to figure something else out (and too late to just get budget to hire a professional company). Maybe it will still happen, more people are still trying to arrange it, but well.. On the other hand, in our digital era how hard can it be to mobilize a few hundred people with a phone?

Because it all comes to this: For this edition I was thinking about the trailer and the theme.. what is SYCLD? It’s everyone! The event is a combination of every single person there! The positivity, the stoke, the togetherness, that is what make SYCLD! That is why Peter made a (awesome) trailer (thanks!!) featuring all those the happy people together and that is what rules the event!

So.. what do I wish for ?.. people who will film clips of the event and will upload them to the Facebook page so everyone who is not there can follow! We can make a live stream with 1000 people there!!! The event is made by everyone so why not captured by everyone? Yeah.. that would be awesome!

Meanwhile what else is going on?? Every night I have late messages with Jelle (Crownboards) because while I’m cooking up details he is cooking up a new golden board. And to make the most awesome golden board in the world is a challenge.. because just golden is not golden enough… And wow.. the last things I’ve seen.. this board is going to be the most awesome board in the world (no pressure Jelle)

And meanwhile I get also messages of people who do real great things! Who put their souls in longboard projects which really matter (more info about these amazing people and projects I will share later) and yeah.. can just say.. I’m happy every night because I’m not working alone.. this is the whole world full of amazing people connecting! That is SYCLD!

So.. How are you riders doing? What are you up to? Do you manage to get in the flow and excited to go? Nervous? Looking forward? Confident? Still doubting to attend? How do your last weeks before SYCLD look like? Share your experiences, video’s and pictures with us! put it on our Facebook page and let everyone live it with you <3