Behind the scenes..

Hi dear ‘high on SYCLD stoke’ people out there!

So.. yeah only 3 weeks to go to SYCLD 2016 and want to give you a little update about how things are going on here.. and what has been going on. This year has been a challenge, without funding, with amazing people, with a lot of gratitude.. it’s gonna happen. It’s the Worldcup, the first in it’s kind.. and you are a part of it! Imagine that!

So.. here I sit at the kitchen table of the ‘Girls Love Boards’ house in Tarifa, Spain… writing this to you all. Being a bit fearful, making lists, trying not to stress.. The event is there, it is set up but it’s unbelievable.. surreal but at the same time a fearful reality. All the mayor important things are set.. so no worries to you.. the event is going to be there and it’s gonna be good. But being a control freak and used to having all details set I’m a bit afraid.. there has been a month less of preparing and there are a lot of mayor things happening in these past months. And where normal people think ‘oke 3 weeks to sort details out’ I think ‘omg only 3 weeks’!! So I ask you all, bear with me, remind me of things I don’t respond to and keep asking.. it’s all a big load of a lot! And at the same time it’s so amazing, all the help, all the input, all the stoke, all the amazing people gathering and offer all they can to make this again legendary! And it’s getting BIG and the bigger it gets the smaller I feel.. But those around me (you know who you are!) make me believe I (and I mean ‘we’) can do this yet again! Your support is the fuel..

So.. Can you personally help? Yes!


– I’ve gotten so many nice responses to the volunteer question, I’m going to set up a schedule you can subscribe to, thanks to you all!! Really heartwarming! We are going to make one hell of a team!

– Are you a sponsor (or want to be?)? There is going to be a new digi flyer and make sure I have all logo’s of those who haven’t send it! And ask me for the shipping address if you don’t have it yet. Announce your participation where ever you like! You deserve every amount of attention given to your brand! Happy you are part of the team!

– There are going to be event shirts made by the wonderful guys of Manaliso! Stay tuned, more info about that soon!

– We need cash to pay for it all, really.. This is a big event and everyone is putting in all for free or adding money.. So.. Yes, there is going to be a contest fee. Sorry about that, wanted to avoid it but it’s impossible. Thanks to all contestants for putting in their share!!

– To make it possible for everyone to win something (and to raise some cash for the event) there is going to be also a tombola (or what is the right word for this?) !!! There are going to be tickets with numbers sold for 5 euro each and the prizes are going to be picked at the event. So you can win amazing prizes even if you still need to practice a bit more to be in the top 3 within the contests.

– To avoid cleaning costs please take extra care of putting your trash in the bins!

– There are going to be drinks and amazing food available at the venue so please be so respectful not to bring your own. Every support is needed to those people at the venue who put in all to make this happen!  Thanks!

– Do you have a bed or couch or 2 m2 on your floor available? A lot of people still look for places to stay so put it on the event page and you’ll  instantly make new grateful friends!!

– We still need a reporter during the event! So.. if you know someone, hook us up!

For those putting in the practice to be one of the best riders in the world, much respect to you!! You make this event worth while to visit and inspire so many people!! Good luck, practice with all of us in mind, we are behind you and will cheer you on!! Amazing you riders from all over the globe.. amazing you come to this little country to be part of this.. words can’t describe!

You know of people you want to get on a board? there are going to be (free) classes for the ones who wanna try this and who are not afraid to be infected for life! Bring them!

And all of you, share share share!! share the stoke, be proud to be part of this family and ride with us, together, on this magic ride called `So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ and make the “?” a “!!!”

only 3 weeks left and we’ll meet! Can’t wait!! See you in Eindhoven!!

lots of love