A week before SYCLD.. in hospital..

Hi everyone… the day before yesterday I had to inform the people involved I would not be at SYCLD myself..

Why? Well… First, every year I say some weeks before the event ‘I’m not taking any chances with anything because I can not be injured at SYCLD” (suddenly remember how I reacted when Valentijn tried to convince me to go mini ramp skating 3 weeks ago; “NO! It’s almost SYCLD, if I break something now it will be disastrous” and him joking he will just take over) and then last Friday I went riding my horse Imperia (who got me into longboarding ironically) and I got off her to catch another horse, someone at the beach fell off of. Imperia was freaking a bit out by it all and when a big dog came towards her from behind she decided to jump to safety in my arms. Well it was not really that romantic… she decided to run away and that I was standing in front of her.. whoops..

So.. I ended up in hospital with a head like an alien grinded on asphalt, cuts in my liver and a broken rib. Telling my lovely friends who came to the hospital, that they had to wait for me because I still would join them to go out that night, to celebrate I finished the preparations for SYCLD. How good is morphine! But spend the night attached to monitors, with a led light on my finger.. ‘E.T. phone home’, literally.

So.. the day after it slowly became clear there was a very big chance I could not make it to SYCLD at all. And instead of freaking out (in a hospital bed without wifi or mac) I was not worried at all.  The judging team works like an oiled machine, Jelle and Valentijn have been two left and right hands for years so they basically know and can decide anything and luckily I did finish all the preparations. I guess what I was saying, that SYCLD is a combination of everyone, really is proven to be true.

Luckily.. a doc came to see me yesterday, saying I was doing so good I could go home if my last test results were ok. And that I could fly to Holland as well!! So.. against the odds I’ll be at SYCLD! Please DO NOT HUG ME or bump into me.. I’ll be the one walking like an old lady and looking like someone dragged me behind a car ? But HAPPY and very LUCKY to be alive and there after what happened! See you in 5 days!!!

PS. I want to really really really thank my great friends who brought me back to life with their amazing care, love you to the moon and back (like a trillion times)! <3

love Bianca