3 weeks, 3 days, 14 hours and 3 minutes to….

Hi there!

Just realised I didn’t write a blogpost yet for 2018 yet! What is there to say.. SYCLD is a riding train and everything goes well with the preparations! It seems like the event keeps on having good karma.. pieces of puzzles fit and we are on a roll! Well, we don’t know where the hippy jump has gone.. <edit, found it! my dad stored it for us <3 >  Personally I’m trying to keep out of hospital and that is about it.

But there is a huge difference.. a big one.. after 6 years we changed the ‘S’ of SO.. and So.. !!! Did you already notice? A beauty isn’t it? And it took 3 people discussing and designing a LOT to get to this. Looks simple but So.. now you know.. changing an S is a BIG thing!

There is another BIG thing happening but I can not say anything about it… maybe some very observant people know.. but I’ll say nothing more.. We will let you know when the time is there!

Also a big move ‘forward’ is that we will have prize money this year for ‘Dance’ mixed sponsored. Because also on the ‘Women’ podium the winners are mostly sponsored, we give cash prizes to them as well. Non sponsored Dance and the other competitions still receive heaps of gear! And you know that non sponsored riders who end up on the podium usually get a sponsor deal and sometimes just end up second at the sponsored Dance podium the next year! (Gabriel de la Tour)

What makes me very happy is that we have a ‘Groms’ competition this year with already 10 contestants. This is so important!

Some people think we have to promote the event amongst longboarders but it will make my ‘days’ when the event will be filled with people who are not familiar with longboarding at all.. families with little kids that scream ‘mommy mommy I now want to be Lotfi Lamaali when I grow up’ (don’t we all). So yeah.. if everyone makes an effort by spreading the event among general media, journalists, aunts and uncles and get little kiddies stoked, that’s the future of SYCLD and we all know how much happiness a board on their feet will bring them!

SPREAD THE STOKE and we all will share some sweat in the next days.. all with our minds on the same..

The SYCLD Party!!! 

see you at the bar!

with love