Are you ready to dance?

The venue is buzzing with anticipation and excitement. Registration is about to close, the start of the So.. You Can Longboard Dance 2015 Edition is just minutes away. People got in line early to sign up and check in. More than a hundred contestants have already signed up, the competition is going the be stiff, and everyone is looking forward to a great day filled with as much skating as possible.

And while the grown-up kids waited and warm up, the next generation of skaters practice their very first steps on the board. The youngsters are proud to master simply pushing, standing on the board, and riding in a straight line, whereas some slightly older kids even manage to pull off their first half steps and Peter Pans on their borrowed longboards. A big thank you to Lazer and Triple Eight for providing all the necessary protection gear.

Triple Eight Helmets

Lazer Helmets Collage










Our host Guleed Yussuf just took up the mic to kick off the first competition round, which is the preselection of non-sponsored riders in the Dancing category. Stay tuned for more info and pictures!


Photo: Marius Landwehr
Photo: Marius Landwehr