1 day, 14 hours, 31 minutes and 37 seconds until SYCLD

Dear all,

SO.. almost time to go and build up everything for SYCLD 2018!! Always a surreal moment and must say I’m almost stressed about being not stressed! What are we forgetting???

SO.. it seems, checking all ‘to do’ lists, that all is prepared! SO.. we are ready too!

Except.. where is the Golden Trophy board?? DuoDuo has send it ages ago.. but of course the customs were too surprised and mesmerised about it’s beauty and held on to it. You can not just let a golden board pass customs can you? SO..  Jelle has been moving heaven and earth to get it delivered and now we can just pray.. Please pray with us!! The world champion without a golden board?

I’m so excited about the Live Broadcast brought to you by All Year LongLoaded and Landyachtz were so sweet to make that financially possible and that meant stepping up BIG TIME!  SO grateful that they wanted to do so and I must say all sponsors have been really wonderful to us. They all added up for us to provide cash prizes and that in a period that also has been hard for some.

I guess Longboard dancing and freestyle is maturing and I’m super happy we have enough groms to make a seperate competition for them. Last years we were looking for groms but they were nearly invisible. This is the future!! And the organisation which is taking care of the future of kids is again giving longboard lessons at the event, big ups to A Future On Wheels, support them by donating some of your cash! Each one, teach one, that I would like to ask everyone at SYCLD! Keep it in mind, always!

I’m SO happy to see everyone again! Everyone involved who have already spend so much time preparing and helping! I’m SO stoked that as we speak people are skating in Amsterdam, tomorrow many will meet in Eindhoven.. This event is so much more than doing some competitions over the weekend. And that is what it’s all about!

We are going to prepare all the ingredients we have cut and seasoned at the Klokgebouw tomorrow so all of you will have a big chunk of Longboard heaven on Saturday and Sunday!

Happy and chill!! Go give the person next to you a big hug, go skate and see you in

1 day, 14 hours, 31 minutes and 37 seconds